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Intersting Cases in Department of Urology

67yr Hypertensive   Presented with Rt flank pain last year ESWL(7 sittings - total of 9200 shocks) for Rt renal stone : 1992.           Lost to Follow up. 29.6.92
  9 years old, male   Recurrent abdominal pain since 2 years   Normal renal function   Positive urine culture   Right renal pelvic stone 17mm X 8mm IVU  
6 months old male child follow up case of Antenatally detected left hydronephrosis Post Natal IVU at 6 months
December 2003 USG   3 yrs old male child presented with painless hematuria – 5 days duration Bilateral renal lumps Sr. Creatinine – 0.6 mg/dl Urine C/s: Sterile 1ST CT SCAN PLAIN CT SCAN
Had left flank pain along with fever two months ago.  Assessed to have mild renal insufficiency  (S Creatinine - 2.8 mg/dl) with pyelonephritits  Improved with hydration and antibiotics The right kidney was non visualized in IVU with a good functioning left kidney with adequate drainage and a complete staghorn stone Tc99m EC Renogram confirmed the non functioning status of the right kidney            &nbs