Dr Banibrata Mukhopadhyay Ph D

Languages Spoken:English, Gujarati, Hindi
Education:Ph.D.(Reproductive Endocrinology) Visva Bharati University in 1995 M.Sc.(Biochemistry) University of Kalyani in 1987 GATE Joint IIT Board. in 1990 B.Sc.(Chemistry Hons.) University of Burdwan in 1984
Phone:+91-268-25 20323-25 20330 (Office)
+91-268-25 20155 (Residence)
Email:banibrata33 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] in
Professional Experience
  1. National symposium on General and comparative endocrinology, January 26-29, 1991; Santiniketan, India.
  2. The second congress of the Asia and Ocenia society for comparative endocrinology. December 3-6, 1991, New Delhi.(International)
  3. Symposium on zoological; research in relation to man and environment, March1-4, 1993, Calcutta.
  4. 14 th Annual session of the academi of environmental biology, November 7-9, 1993, Indore.
  5. Fifth International meeting on cholinesterases. September 24-28, 1994, Madras.
  6. National symposium on fish biology, January 27 & 28, 1995, Santiniketan.
  7. Asian science seminar on reproductive biology and biotechnology in aquatic animals. March16-28, 1996, Nagoya University, Japan.
  8. Association of clinical biochemists of India and radiation medicine center(BARC) organized workshop of thyroid. June 30, 1996.Tata memorial hospital, Mumbai.
  9. Symposium on 'ËœEnzymology : clinical and industrial aspects' December 9-11, 1996. Lokmanya Tilak Medical college & general hospital, Sion , Mumbai.
  10. Annual National
    Conference, ACBI. Armed forces medical college, Pune; December 18-20, 1998.
  11. Ninth Asian-Pacific Congress of Clinical Biochemistry, March 9-14, 2002. New Delhi.(International).
Professional Societies/Membership
  1. Association of Clinical Biochemists of India (Life Member).
Research Interests

Biochemical study of the effect of visipaque contrast medium(Iodixanol), an iso osmotic, non ionic contrast medium used in cardiac angiography in human. 

  • Renal osteodistrophy in patients with chronic kidney disease and its correlation  to the biochemical profiles like, intact PTH, 1,25(OH)2 Vitamine D3 and 25(OH)2 Vit.D3 etc. 
  • Comparative biochemical efficacy study of the effect of CO2 as contrast medium with iodinated contrast agents in abdominal angiography in dogs. 
  • Effect of N-Acetyl cystiene for prevention of acute deterioration of human renal function following renal angiography. 
  • Cytokines(IL-1beta,TNF-alpha) levels in patients with chronic renal failure and on maintenance heamodialysis. Correlation of the cytokine levels with clinical parameters and dialysate purity. 
  • Study of the role of antioxidant (Vit.E and C), satins (Strovastatin) and angitensin receptor blocker (Losartan) in reducing inflammation in Maintenance Heamodialysis patients.
  • Study of the pharmacokinetics of an immunosuppressive drug Mycophenolate Mofetil in blood form renal allograft recipients by HPLC. 
  • X-Ray diffraction analysis of renal stones and biochemical study of the urinary metabolites for prevention of progression and recurrence of human nephrolithiasis. 
  • Enzymuria pattern in early post transplant period: Diagnostic usefulness in renal graft dysfunction in transplant patients.
  • Awards
    1. Awarded Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) Direct Research Associateship No. 9/202 (430/95-EMRI on Nov. 6, 1995.
    2. Awarded grants from Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) to attend Asian Science Seminar and Workshop at Japan on March, 1996, held at Nagoya University, Japan. 
    3. Best poster presentation award at Asia Pacific Conference in Clinical Chemistry (APCC) conducted by IFCC at New Delhi, March, 2002.