A V Fisula

What is it?

It is a surgical technique by which the artery and the veins were connected with non absorbable fine sutures for haemodialysis in renal failure patients.It is considered as a life line for the patients on Haemodialysis.

How it is done?

Patients with end stage renal failure are treated with hemodialysis. In dialysis, blood is withdrawn from an artery or vein, purified, and returned to a vein. The volume of blood is too great for veins to handle, so a vein must be enlarged. An artery and vein, usually in the arm above or below the elbow, are sewn together, to create a fistula, and arterial pressure eventually enlarges the vein. The enlarged vein can accommodate a cannula or large needle.


Creation of AV Fistula in the fore arm