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Renal Transplants


Renal Transplants Since our first transplant in 1980,till 31/8/2010, we have performed over 1951 transplants. We have an acturial graft survival rate of 88% at one year and 70% at five year graft survival which is comparable to international standards. With improved infrastructure and encouraging results, the institute has been performing approximately eight transplants every month. In January 1999, Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy was performed for the first time in India, at the institute.

What is it?

With the increase in number of Diabetes and Hypertension in the community,more and more patients are becoming prone for kidney failures. The treatment options of these patients are either on dialysis or renal transplantation.

Renal transplantation has been proved that is an effective treatment for end stage renal failure patients and gives a substantial improvement in the quality of life. With the improvement in technology, newer drugs and the experience from the past, the survival of graft has been increased tremendously.

How it is done?

In Renal Transplantation the kidneys removed from the live donor or from the brain dead individuals and Transplanted to the renal failures patients by surgery.

After completion of Renal Transplantation.