Radical prostatectomy

What is it?

This is the treatment of choice for localized prostate cancer. The operation involves removal of the prostate along with the seminal vesicles.

How it is done?

The operation also involves the removal of lymph nodes in selected cases.The operation is typically performed either by the open approach,key whole approach (either single port or standard laparoscopic approach). Recently radical prostatectomy has also been performed by the robotic approach using the da Vinci system.

The advantage of robotic approach is the amount of precision for suturing is unparalleled as compared to other treatment options. In this procedure the surgeon operates from a remote console. The fine movements are controlled by the patient side robotic arm. The Da Vinci system from Intuitive corp. is available with MPUH.

The minimally invasive approach (Laparoscopic and the robotic) has the advantage of less pain and minimal hospital stay.The patient should come prepared for a hospital stay of 5-7 days.The patient after counseling for radical prostatectomy on admission will be taught pelvic exercises. This helps in gaining adequate urinary control after the surgery. The patient has a urinary tube for 5 days after surgery.