Radical Nephrectomy

What is it?

Radical Nephrectomy is a surgical procedure in which the entire kidney along with the adrenal gland and adjacent lymph glands of the same side are removed.

How it is done?

This procedure can be done through an open or by a minimally invasive or laparoscopic technique. In the laparoscopic technique multiple planned ports are placed through small 5 mm to 10 mm incisions. Using laparoscopic instruments the blood vessels supplying the kidney are securely clipped and divided.

The vision during surgery is superior in laparoscopic due to the magnification and high technology optics and three chip high definition camera. The oncological principle of removing cancer is rigidly followed. The entire specimen is then placed into laparoscopic specimen retrieval bag and removed through a small cosmetic incision usually in the supra pubic region which is easily hidden with clothing.

The dissection and reconstructive repairs are done precisely by robotic arms with seven degree of freedom, operated by the surgeon sitting comfortably on a console.


Apart from the cosmetic advantage the patients have decreased blood loss, have much lower pain and the recovery is faster and can return to normal activities at the earliest.

Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy can also be done using a single port in the umbilicus for smaller tumours in the kidney in selected patients. The main advantage would be better cosmesis with no visible scar (scar hidden within the umbilicus).

Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy can also be done with the assistance of a robot. Apart from all the advantages of a standard laparoscopic surgery, the vision is even better with three dimensional high definition vision and better magnification.