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Kidney Dialysis

Kidney Dialysis


A way to remove waste products and excess water from your blood.

Our Renal team will pick one from the patient's life style and physical needs. He is the most important member of our renal care team. Other members include his doctor, his nurse, his family, his friends, self help groups, dialysis clinic personnel, nutritionist or dietician and qualified social workers. He is not alone. Estimates have shown that more than a million people world wide have kidney failure. We try to succeed against kidney failure through our persistent efforts.

The total number of transplants done amount to 1050 including Cadaver transplants. The longest surviving patient of ours was transplanted 19 years ago, where as several patients are still undergoing dialysis for the last 10 years without any complications, adding to our total number of 70,000 dialysis. We target the adequacy of dialysis by monitoring anaemia, bone disease etc. arriving at better nutrition and derive a full profile every month making our dialysis dept. reach world standards. Much is to be said about the courage of patients like Niketa Ghiya who not only exist but conquer the art of living by performing charitable dance programs and raising funds for other Transplant patients.

Our Department of Nephrology has been selected as a "Sister Renal Centre" by the Department of Nephrology, Arkansas University, USA. Our renowned team of Nephrologists also perform Angioplasty, Stenting, and Angiograms through the latest equipment like Digital Subtraction Angiography for renal arterial disease. A team of Surgical expertise if needed is always there making it a complete entity where all synergies are accumulated and patient time, money and complete satisfactory treatment is the most important.

Our challenge is not only to cure but to prevent glomerular disease also, by continuous monitoring of the patient and achieving optimum levels of blood pressure and sugar control. One of the largest series of Renal Biopsy through real time ultrasound makes it precise, accurate and decreases incidence of complication. We search for correctable & reversible factors leading to a disease free life - and qualitative living. A life not to pursue but to live with liveliness.

This department clinically treats kidney dysfunctions such as acute renal failure, chronic renal failure, glomerular diseases, congenital diseases of the kidney, reno-vascular hypertension, and diabetic nephropathy. The following table indicates the number of cases treated for the above since 1978.

The hospital has dialysis facilities to treat chronic and acute renal failure with the assistance of a trained and dedicated staff.