For the first time in India, robotic-assisted Radical Cystectomy and reconstruction of neo-bladder performed at MPUH Nadiad

During the week starting March 5, 2012, three robotic-assisted radical cystectomy and reconstruction of neo-bladder were performed at MPUH Nadiad, for the first time in India. The surgeries were performed by Dr Mihir Desai from the University of Southern California who have been visiting MPUH Nadiad from time to time to mentor and train the surgeons here.

Since the introduction of robotic-assisted surgery in MPUH some 16 months ago, more than 150 robotic-assisted surgeries, mostly radical prostatectomy, have been performed at the hospital. MPUH is the first hospital in the Western India to install the latest daVinci Si Robot.

You may like to watch, below, a TV-9 news on the first robotic-assisted radical cystectomy and reconstruction of neo-bladder.

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