Gyn Endoscopy Today (GET 2011) : Rags to Riches in Endoscopy, by Dr. Mahesh Desai MPUH

Gyn Endoscopy Today (GET 2011)

Rags to Riches in Endoscopy : Dr. Mahesh Desai, MS, FRCS, FRCS,
Medical Director & Managing Trustee, MPUH Nadiad (

From: kurian joseph
Date: 8 April 2011 6:40:12 AM EDT
To: Mahesh Desai
Subject: GET 2011

Dr.Mahesh Desai

GET 2011 was honoured to have you as our faculty. The meeting has been a great success and the feedback from the delegates has been very appreciative.

Your talk on “Rags to Riches in Endoscopy” was impressive, informative and interesting.
We thank you for having spent your valuable time and effort to be with us.

We hope we will be able to use your services again in-forthcoming meetings.

Thanks & regards

Dr.Kurian Joseph

Photos attached.


After the highly successful GET — 2009 the Obs & Gyn Society of Southern India and the Joseph Nursing Home had joined with the International Society of Gyn Endoscopy to present a gyn endoscopy feast in GET — 2011 — Gynec Endoscopy Today.

The theme of this regional conference of the ISGE was “Simplify Endoscopy”. In this era of developing endoscopic skills and numerous gadgets the average gynecologist seems to have been left behind.

A galaxy of international experts participated in the Conference.

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