US honour for MPUH Nadiad-based Medical Social Worker for her service to underprivileged

US honour for Nadiad-based Medical Social Worker for her service to underprivileged
Anupam Chakravartty Posted online: Thu Dec 02 2010, 06:34 hrs
Ahmedabad : The National Kidney Foundation of the United States of America has honoured Nadiad-based nephrologist Dr Sujata Mohan Rajapurkar for her service to the underprivileged.
Dr William G Couser, Managing Director of International Society of Nephrology, stated in the letter of nomination sent last week while selecting her for the prestigious CNSW (Council of Nephrology Social Workers) International Social Worker Award, that “Mrs Rajapurkar has a vision and dedication to serving the poor in her country that is truly inspirational. Due to her tireless efforts, which greatly exceed her professional responsibilities, she has attained the status of something of an angel in her area of Gujarat, becoming almost a member of the many grateful families she has helped”.

In addition to her work as a nephrologist, Dr Rajapurkar has counselled kidney donors and single-handedly raised Rs 10 crore for the underprivileged patients. She heads the Medical Social Work department at the Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital which provides counselling and arranges funds for kidney transplants.

“Helping patients suffering from acute cases of kidney disorders is rewarding, but chronic cases pose a challenge not only for the patients, but their close relatives too. It is a frustrating battle for everyone involved in the treatment. We tell that them the ball should not go to the doctor‘s court if the patient doesn‘t adhere to the strict diet regimen and medicine, especially in case of diabetics,” Dr Rajapurkar told The Indian Express.

She says a major challenge for her and her team of counsellors and doctors is the occurence of chronic kidney disorders in the underprivileged.

“Finding donors even within the family is an emotional issue. Sometimes people refuse even in the cases of near and dear ones. Water scarcity poses a major challenge for the kidney patients from the rural areas of Gujarat. Often family members abandon them as they are not capable of work. We talk to the families in such situations telling them if a father is sick and not being able to help, he could still groom his children,” said Dr Rajapurkar.

According to her, the first step to the resolution of kidney disorders is an increased awareness among people about organ donation from cadavers. “Some of the hospitals are doing good work in extracting organs from the dead, but there should be awareness at a large scale regarding organ donation,” she said.

She added that about 115 patients are undergoing repeated sessions of dialysis in her hospital for want of donors or incompatibility in the blood group. Dr Rajapurkar is a member of the Council of Nephrology Social Workers in the US since 2000, and will recieve the award on April 27, 2011.

PS: Please note, Dr. Sujata Rajapurkar is a Medical Social Worker and Transplant Coordinator at MPUH Nadiad (inadvertently, in this published news itemn she has been referred as a Nephrologist).