MPUH to hold laparoscopy surgery demo

VADODARA: With the view to educate urologists on latest global medical practices in laparoscopy in urological surgeries, a three-day lecture-cum-live surgical demonstration instruction course will be conducted by Jayaramdas Patel Academic Centre (JPAC) at the Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital (MPUH) in Nadiad. This course starting from Thursday is also a platform to orient doctors on robotic surgeries.

MPUH has invited world-renowned urologist Dr Thierry Piechaud from France as the main international faculty. Other well-known faculty includes doctors Mihir Desai from USA, P B Singh, Aneesh Srivastava, Rajesh Ahlawat, PP Rao and Jaydeep Date. The sessions will include live transmission of several laparoscopic surgeries besides lectures. Hundred participants selected from across the country will also get opportunities for hands-on experience.

"Everyone has accepted the fact that laparoscopy in urology is here to stay. Several urologists have acquired the skills of complex lap procedures. From basics we are now looking at advanced laparoscopy, and still further into robotics," said medical director of MPUH, Dr Mahesh Desai.

MPUH which is in process of buying robots for surgical processes is also looking at starting a course by next year. "During the three-day event we will be discussing on how this technology will be adopted and what changes would be required to be made," Desai said.

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The news was also published in Anand Plus of Times of India. DNN Cable TV also covered it. It will be broadcast on All India Radio as well.