LESS surgery organised at Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital(MPUH), Nadiad

Ahmedabad: A minimally invasive surgery has just got more minimal. Deval, 45, recently underwent a hysterectomy. Forget open surgery, there wasn't even a five-mm incision made on her abdomen and the uterus was removed from her navel!

Over 200 doctors from across the country watched with rapt attention as experts demonstrated removal of large organs and growths through the navel, or umbilicus at a two-day conference on 'Lapro-Endoscopical Single Site' (LESS) surgery organized at Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital (MPUH), Nadiad. "LESS takes minimally invasive to a new level. Pain and recovery period for the patient is much less. The procedure is technically quite challenging since the surgeon has very little space to perform the operation", said Dr Mihir Desai from Cleveland Clinic, who conducted the conference along with Dr Rene Sotelo, an expert on minimally invasive surgery from Venezuela.

Doctors removed one of the kidneys of 35-year-old Kusum Garg. LESS surgery was also demonstrated to remove prostrate, gall bladder and obstructions from the kidney through the navel.

Elaborating on LESS, Dr Desai told TOI, "Unlike laproscopy where four cuts are made on the abdomen along with one on the navel, in LESS just one two-cm incision is made on the navel".

A single port with three holes is then inserted into the navel through which two instruments and a camera can enter and surgeries are performed.

A special telescope with a magnet was also shown for the first time in the country at the conference. Designed by Dr Jeffrey Cadedde, the telescope has a magnet on the outside. It moves inside the body as the magnet is moved outside, giving the surgeon more space to use the instrument.