Dr Drogo Montogue Co-Director Centre for Female Pelvic Med & Reconstructive Surgery, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio, USA confered with Dr Virendra Desai Visiting Professorship

Sexual function is essential for Ageing Men and Women

Dr Drogo Montague, MD, Head Section of Prosthetic Surgery and Genitourethral Reconstruction, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA, visited Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, Nadiad as Dr V.V. Desai Visiting Professor. He has specialized in Penile and Genitourinary Prosthesis, Peyronie's Disease, Impotency and Urinary Strictures.

He said contrary to popular belief, sexual function is a normal part of life for both men and women well into advanced age. The ability to function sexually with one's mate enhances the quality of the relationship and helps to maintain self esteem for both partners.

Unfortunately, diseases associated with ageing may interfere with sexual function. Especially important in this regard are vascular disease and diabetes. Certain operations, especially pelvic surgery, can interfere with sexual function for both men and women.

Because of medical advances, people who suffer from sexual problems no longer have to accept this fate. For men, urologists who specialize in Andrology are able to offer oral medications, injection treatments, and when necessary operations to implant prosthetic devices. New advances in the understanding of problems then interfere with women's sexual function have recently led to medical and counseling therapies for women.

Thanks to better nutrition and medical care people are living longer. Living long, however, is not necessarily a blessing if one does not have a reasonable quality of life. Many medical therapies are detected to maintaining quality of life as people age. Treatments for sexual dysfunctions are rightfully included in these medical advances.