MPUH continues to spread the knowledge globally

Apart from contribution in India and ASIA, MPUH exchanges knowledge throughout the world. For improved Interactions and enhanced exposure the hospital hosted International Tele Video conference at India twice successfully in which 12 countries participated. These were:

  • 1st World Summit on Radical Prostatectomy 13th to 15th March 2002
  • 1st World Summit on Kidney Surgery : 5th to 7th Feb 2003


Visits of International Specialist at MPUH:

The hospital also welcomes International visits from renowned Specialist in Urology from different parts of World on various occasions. During the year 2002-2003 following dignitaries visited our institute and shared useful knowledge:

Dr.Inderbir Gill USA
Dr.Gopal Badlani USA
Dr.Glenn Preminger USA
Dr.Andreas J. Gross Germany
Dr.Michael Wong Singapore
Dr.Jack McAnnich USA
Dr.Jihad Kaouk USA
Mr.Mehmood Singapore
Dr.K.T.Foo Singapore
Dr.Sharda Sabnis
(Nephro Pathologist)
Dr.Petrick Walker
(Nephro Pathologist)
Dr.Sudhir Shah USA
Dr.Ram Gokal USA
Dr.Edwin Spencer Denmark
Observers from
Dr.U. Lombardo Italy
Dr.Herman Thomas Germany


The contribution of MPUH also gets acknowledged as:

  • MPUH is Collaboration Centre of Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio, USA
  • Dr.Mahesh Desai has been elected to become a member in the American Association of Genito urinary surgeons recently. He is the I Indian
    & II Asian, to have received this recognition.
  • Dr.Mahesh Desai is also honored as one of the assistant editors for Journal of Endourology.
  • MPUH is Privileged to be SIU-Recognized Training Center to host fellowship program in Asia
  • MPUH is Recognized for International fellowship training in Endourology by Endourological Society INC.

International presentations in United States of America :

In the year 2002-2003 MPUH has done following International presentations apart from presentations in ASIA

  • 18th Annual Conference of Society for Urology and Engineering, INC.: Chicago
  • Annual Conference of American Association of Genito-Urinary Surgeons:
    Tueson, Arizona-2 Apr'2003 to 5 Apr'2003
    Percutaneous Endopyeloplasty : Initial clinical series- Dr.Mahesh Desai
  • Annual Conference of American Urology Association: Chicago-26 Apr'2003 to 1 May'2003
    SIU Guest Lecture by Dr.Mahesh Desai
    - "Staghorn : Sandwich or Multiple Bites ? An Asian Experience"
  • Extract from USI newsletter-March'2003 :

Dr.Mahesh Desai delivering SIU Lecture at 98th American Urological Association at Chicago. Also seen on the dias Dr. Carl Olsson and Dr. Mebust

The 98th AUA was held in McCormic Convention Center. More than 16000 delegates attended it. There were 1879 presentations, which included 121 videos, 11 special scientific sessions and 69 postgraduate/instructional courses.

There were more than 18 urologists from India and about 80 Indian urologists from settled in USA.

For the 1st time a coveted 'SIU Lecture' was delivered by an Indian urologist, Dr.Mahesh Desai. Dr.Carl Olsson and Dr.Mebust introduced him as "the most outstanding endourologist in the world." AUA Urolithiasis Panel recommends health and economic outcome of treatment. Dr.Mahesh Desai, in his opening remark said, "Stone Free status is global but Economic consideration are very vital." He delivered a spell bounding lecture on stag horn calculus - "Sandwich or Multiple bite-an Asian experience" in 25 minutes. He showed very vividly the importance of complete clearance by one or multiple tracts and stressed that it may need several sittings to clear it totally. This was beautifully illustrated in his last case of a giant stag horn in solitary kidney. It took 11 sessions to render the patient stone free. I was sitting behind Dr.Fuch and Dr.Lingman who complemented him by saying "this will change the entire perspective of treating stag horn calculus world wide." That was indeed a moment for Indian urology

Dr.Ajit Vaze,
M.S., M.Ch., MNAMS

World Congress of Nephrology, Berlin-June'8 - June'12 :

Dr.Sishir Gang and Dr.Anil Ganju attended the World Congress of Nephrology held at Berlin from 8 - 12 June '2003.

Dr.Sishir Gang was awarded fellowship by International Society of Nephrology to attend this conference. He presented a paper on: Long Term Outcome of Cyclosporine withdrawal in Living Related Stable renal transplant recipients.

Thereon, they also attended a Satellite Conference on 'Acute Renal Failure' in Ghent, Belgium from 13-15 June '2003.

21st World Congress on Endourology & SWL
21st to 24th September'2003, Montreal, Canada

The following presentations were done by MPUH delegation at 21st WCE

  • Factors affecting blood loss
    associated with Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: Can they be predicted and
    modified? A Prospective study :

    - Dr.Rajesh Kukreja
  • Does tract size affect the morbidity due to PCNL? A prospective study
    - Dr.Rajesh Kukreja
  • Nephrolithiasis Associated With Renal Insufficiency: Factors Predicting Outcome
    - Dr.Rajesh Kukreja
  • Access to the pelvicalyceal system for PCNL: Ultrasonograghy vs Fluoroscopy: Does it make a difference? A prospective study
    - Dr.Mahesh Desai
  • How Safe And Efficacious Is Multi-Perc For Staghorn?
    - Dr.Prajay Shrivastav
  • Is the new ultrasonic and pneumatic
    lithoclast combination (Lithoclast Master) superior to time tested
    pneumatic lithoclast for percutaneous lithotripsy?

    - Dr.Rajesh Kukreja
  • Fate of post PCNL residual fragments
    - Dr.Kishore Wani
  • VTS Pro Vu, the new generation TUNA: Subjective and Objective assessment: A 2yr follow up study.
    - Dr.Snehal Patel
  • Prospective comparasion of use of Endo-TA Stapler V/sHem-O-Lok in Live Donor Nephrectomy
    - Dr.Kishore Wani
  • Role of stone analysis in metabolic evaluation of Nephrolithiasis
    - Dr.Prajay Shrivastav


  • Percutaneous Endopyeloplasty-Initial Clinical Experience
    - Dr.Kishore Wani
  • Is the new ultrasonic and pneumatic
    lithoclast combination (Lithoclast Master) superior to time tested
    pneumatic lithoclast for percutaneous lithotripsy?

    - Dr.Rajesh Kukreja

Contributions from MPUH :

Dr.Rajesh Kukreja conducted clinical research on "Factors affecting blood loss and Transfusion rates associated with Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: Can these be predicted and modified?" The novel prospective study included 301 PCNL procedures in which various patient and procedure related factors were assessed with respect to their impact on procedure related blood loss. The paper has been awarded the first prize in the Clinical research section by Endourology Society Inc.