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Two months is a very short time for me to study urology and andrology here. But I can say that I have learnt a lot here. Everything is perfect! I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Mahesh Desai, Dr. Rupin Shah, Dr. Ganatra, Mr. Bhaskaran and many people here for their warm help, teaching and support. I would love to come here again for studying more. Thank you very much.
Dr Pham Nam Viet
Dr Pham Nam Viet
Dr Stephanie Symons Consultant Urologists
Dr Stephanie Symons
Consultant Urologists
She was doing her fellowship at our hospital's Urology Department. While she was here she was not only friendly with Doctors but all staff members, like theater technicians, nurses, administration and canteen staff. She was highly impressed by Indian culture. During her stay here she adopted to our ways of eating and dressing. Moreover when she visited MSW department she came to know how we are helping the under-privileged patients. Kind hearten Dr. Stephanie donated Rs.21,500/- for the needy patient.