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The Special Walk was a grand success. More than 400 people from all walks of life participated in the WALKATHON and LECTURES on kidney and urological diseases that followed the walk.

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Date : 23/12/10


Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope this letter finds you in best of health.

Kidney diseases are increasing very rapidly to epidemic proportions Worldwide.
There are large number of patients having Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in the population. This is because kidney diseases do not produce any symptoms or pain till they are advanced. Various studies have quoted the incidence of CKD in our country to be around 200 per million population and the prevalence has been reported as 0.2 per million. Thus in our country it is estimated that more than 200,000 new patients develop kidney failure every year. At any time at least 20,000,000 Indians would be having latent kidney disease.
Our aim of observing World Kidney Day is to make maximum number of people aware of danger of kidney diseases & to make the people understand that early detection & treatment will save them & their family from kidney failure & its serious consequences.

On Sunday 6th March,2010 all of us will gather at Muljibhai Patel Urological Patel, Nadiad at 8.00am for the “Kidney Disease Awareness March”.

I appeal to all of you to join this special walk for “protect your kidneys, save your life”. Let us create the awareness of kidney diseases, undergo check-up in time, if necessary treat & thus protect kidneys.

The programme is scheduled as follows :
Protect your kidney, save your life-March! :
Date : 6th March, 2010
Time : 8 am
Start of the walk: Main entrance, MPUH, Nadiad.

Route : MPUH  Kidney (Vaniyawad) Circle  Maha Gujarat Hospital  LIC Building  Santram Temple Circle  Bus stand  Railway station  Collectorate office & back.

We are contacting all the leading organizations of Nadiad, namely Nadiad Medical Association (NMA) Schools, Colleges, Banks & Prestigious associations like Lions Club, Rotary Club, Chartered Accountant‘s association, etc. Kindly acknowledge this letter & inform us about your contact person‘s name, address, mobile & landline numbers so as to organize a meeting for planning the “Walk” and make the event a great success.
Join us in this endeavour of awareness of educating & motivating the society to detect, treat & prevent kidney diseases.

Friends know your kidneys & save life!

Thanking you,
With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,


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World Kidney Day is observed on 2nd Thursday of March every year. Let us all gather information about kidney diseases.

Kidney check-up should be carried out every year. To know the kidney function blood investigations such as blood sugar, urea, creatinine and blood pressure should be checked and you should consult a physician.

If kidney disease is detected early and proper treatment is taken then kidney failure can be prevented.

Know your kidneys & easy ways to reduce the risk of developing kidney diseases :
• If you have diabetes and blood pressure, it should be in control or else it can lead to kidney failure.
• Protein in urine can also lead to kidney failure.
• Even through swelling on face & feet is cured, there is a risk of recurrence of kidney disease.
• Kidney stone and urine infection can damage kidneys.
• If blood is found in urine, there is a possibility of infection or cancerous tumour in kidney.
• Regular self medication of pain killers & usage of over the counter pills can damage kidneys.
• Chances of having cardiovascular diseases is more to kidney patients than any other normal person.
• Eat healthy and keep your weight in check.
• Do not smoke & chew tobacco.
• Keep fit and active for good quality of life.

Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital (MPUH) treats exclusively patients suffering from kidney and urogenital tract diseases. MPUH is celebrating World Kidney Day (WKD) every year since 2007 and spreading the awareness of kidney diseases. It is observed on 2nd Thursday of March every year. This year it is on Thursday, 10th March 2011. WKD is a joint initiative of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundation (IFKF).

The mission of WKD is to raise awareness of the importance of our kidneys to our overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney diseases and its associated health problems worldwide. Diabetes and High Blood pressure are key risk factors for “Chronic Kidney Disease” (CKD). If detected early, Chronic Kidney Diseases can be treated — thereby reducing other complications and dramatically reducing the growing burden of deaths and disability from chronic renal and cardiovascular disease worldwide.
Kidney diseases are silent killers, which will largely affect your quality of life. There are however several easy ways to reduce the risk of developing these kidney disease.

1 Keeping fit and active.
2 Keep regular control of your blood sugar level
3 Monitor your blood pressure
4 Eat healthy and keep your weight in check
5 Do not smoke
6 Do not take over-the-counter pills on a regular basis
7 Check your kidney function if you have one or more of the 'high risk' factors

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