Who have greater tendency towards Kidney stones?

People who tend to form stones have certain risic factors in common.

  • Those who have lived or are still living in the stone belt of the country e.g. Punjab - Rajasthan - North Gujarat Kutch-Saurashtra
  • Those with a family history of stones.
  • Those whose fluid intake is minimal.

Each human being has two Kidneys - one on either side of the spine in the lower back, shaped like a bean, each is the size of an adult fist and is pinkish - brown in colour. Kidneys are complex, versatile filtering as well as manufacturing units:

  • They remove fatal toxic substances from the blood stream and maintain normal chemical composition by forming urine.
  • They regulate the blood pressure of the human system.
  • They process Vitamin D.
  • They produce chemicals that go to form the red blood cells.