What is a prostate trouble?

As prostate enlarges it spreads inwards as well as outwards and it compresses the urethra and produces obstruction to the urinary passage and creates difficulty In passing urine. This is how the prostate problem begins in old age.

The common problem of prostate In young age i.e. during active sexual life, is Infection. Infection may travel from the urinary passage (urethra) and go to the prostate or it may be secondary to other diseases like stones, congenital anomalies of urinary tract, etc. Many times infection takes place because of unhygienic habits like not retracting and cleaning the foreskin of penis, or due to phlmosis i.e. where there is inability to retract the foreskin. Urine infection can be specific such as tuberculosis, venereal diseases etc., or nonspecific which is caused by organisms like E.Coll, Klebsellla, etc. The diagnosis is made by clinical examination and urinalysls. Organisms can be identified by urine culture.

The prostate problem at 60 years is usually due to prostatic enlargement which compresses the urethra and produces symptoms of obstruction. Urine now has a difficult time travelling through a narrow passage and the bladder has to work harder to push the urine out. This added effort causes thickening and stretching of the bladder wall. Due to overwork, the bladder becomes less efficient and some urine may be retained therein. If allowed to go untreated, this condition can lead to infection and kidney failure.