What is cancer of prostate?

As we have seen, patients having Is because of enlargement of prostate due to benign adenoma.(non dangerous tumour) but 20% of times, this enlargement is due to cancer in the prostate. Hence patients having urinary trouble must undergo all investigations to check whether they are harbouring cancer.

Cancer of the prostate is a slow growing tumour. It starts as a small focus along with benign adenoma and over a period can become gross In size and can occupy the whole gland. This cancer can also be of different severity, which can be determined by seeing the grade on histology. (higher grade severe type, lower grade less aggressive). As the cancer grows it spreads to surrounding structures, it's covering (capsule) gets broken, it spreads to the seminal vesicle, bladder, ureter or to lymph nodes.

In advanced stage it goes into blood and metastases occur. It is commonly seen in bone (vertebrae, pelvic bone, hip joint bone, ribs etc.), lungs or brain. The growth & spread of this cancer is under control of testosterone - a hormone produced by the testes.