Urethral carcinoma

What Is It ?

Rarest carcinoma ,hardly more than 2000 cases reported in the literature. Urethral cancer comprises less than 1% of the total incidence of malignancies,most of the time the tumour invaded locally at the time of presentation.

                            Urethral carcinoma


Main clinical presentation is bleeding per urethra and difficulty in passing urine, Purulent, foul-smelling, or watery discharge, May produce no symptoms except a hard nodular area in the perineum. Various studies shown that infection and chronic irritation as etiologic in the pathogenesis of this malignancy.


Surgical removal is the treatment of choice depends on the site and the stage of the disease.


Exams and Tests

Diagnosis confirmed by urethrogram, urethroscopy and biopsy and need a high index of suspicion to diagnose early.