Ureteric Carcinoma

What Is It ?

Cancers of the renal pelvis and ureters are relatively rare, also called urotheliel cancers. Tumors of the renal pelvis account for approximately 10% of all renal tumors and approximately 5% of all urothelial tumors. Ureteral tumors are even more uncommon, 90% of urothelial tumors of the upper urinary tract are Trancisitional cell carcinoma.

Signs and Tests

It can be diagnosed early with investigations like urine cytology and radiological imaging and endoscopic techniques like flexible ureteroscopy.


Treatment options are depends on the stage and the grade of the disease. By early detection we can cure them.

  • More common in the age group of more than 65 years.
  • More common in people exposed to dyes in the working places, abnormal usage of pain killers(analgesics),Tobacco chewing and smoking.
  • Majority of the patients presented with flank pain, blood in the urine