Stricture Urethra

What Is It ?

This is one of the commonest and difficult disease to cure in urology.Stricture means narrowing of the urine passage (urethra) resulting in blockage of urine and end up in renal can be caused by infection, inflammation or any injury (trauma) to the urethra. The disease may extend from the tip of the penis to the whole urethra depends upon the cause of it.

Signs and Tests

This problem can be diagnosed by simple tests like uroflowmetry and urethrogram to know the length of the stricture.


There are more than 300 operations described in the can be treated by both endoscopic and open surgical correction (urethroplasty).

  • Majority of the patients present with difficulty in passing urine sometime they may have to strain to pass urine,or repeated urinary tract infection.
  • Decreased force of urinary stream
  • Incomplete emptying of the bladder
  • Urinary terminal dribbling
  • Urinary intermittency
  • Deflected urinary stream