What Is It ?

Acute pyelonephritis ( infection in the kidneys) is a clinical condition in which the patient will have chills, fever, and pain in the kidney areas (flank pain) along with the patient may have passing pus in the urine.Some times these infection may simulate like symptoms of gastro intestinal tract like vomiting,abdominal pain,diarrhea.


This condition can be treated with medicine unless there is any abnormality in the kidney like stones or block in the kidney in that case patients will need diversion of the urine either inernally (stents) or externally (percutaneous nephrostomy).

If not treated properly during the time of infection may leads to renal abscess and chronic pyelonephritis.


This condition is more common in patients with diabetes mellitus,and patients with stones in the kidney and the clinical severity is due to the immunity of the individual patient and the virulence of the bacteria.