Penile Carcinoma

What Is It ?

Cancer of the penis is rare, It is almost never seen in those who have been circumcised as babies, which is a major argument in favor of newborn circumcision. Unfortunately, some men do not seek medical attention until after it has spread, because of lack of awareness.

Nearly all penile malignancies are cancers of the skin, the most common being squamous cell carcinoma, similar to squamous cell carcinomas on other parts of the skin such as the face or hands.


                       Ca Penis                                                             Ca Penis


Majority of the patients will have an non healing ulcer over the penis mainly at the glans penis and the coronal sulcus. The tumor spreads gradually becoming larger in the area of the skin where it first develops. Ultimately, it spreads to deep tissues inside the body of the penis and to lymph nodes in the groin (inguinal area) or pelvis.


The treatment options are related to the stage of the disease at the time of presentation.They are fro circumscision to the complete removal of the penisand needs regular check up depends of the final histological stage.

Exams and Tests

The diagnosis can be confirmed by thorough clinical examination and take a tissue bit from the growth for biopsy.