Infrastructure: Highlights

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Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, which the Centre for Robotic Surgery is a part of, is among the best hospitals in India dedicated completely to Urology and Nephrology. Following are some highlights of its world-class infrastructure and amenities:

The Hospital
  • 140 beds
  • Well-equipped rooms divided into the categories of General Ward, Special Rooms, Semi-Special Rooms, and VIP rooms and suite.
  • 6 Operation Theatres including two separate theatres for renal (kidney) transplants. These theatres are fully equipped for open, endoscopic, and robotic surgery procedures.
  • Special ‘recovery’ and ‘post-operative’ rooms fully equipped with monitoring devices available for critical care.
  • A medical Intensive Care Unit equipped with cardio-respiratory supportive equipment, facility for peritoneal dialysis, and central monitoring.
  • Dialysis and Pathology Centre consisting of 3 dedicated floors for Dialysis, 2 floors for Pathology, and 1 floor for Blood Bank.

The Surgical Systems & Medical Equipment

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  • The da Vinci® Si Surgical System: Used by some of the leading hospitals across the world, the da Vinci surgical system is used for a number of minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopic surgeries).
  • The Ablatherm® HIFU: MPUH was the first in India to acquire this Robotic HIFU–EDAP TMS from France, which is used for conducting the least invasive treatment of prostate cancer without surgery.
  • Dornier Compact Delta Lithotripsy system: A state-of-art machine procured from Germany and made by Dornier (the pioneers in the field), is an efficient and effective device used for the treatment of stone.
  • High-speed 16-Slice MDCT Scan.
  • Mini and Micro PCNL facilities.
  • Autoclave and Plasma Sterilization (Sterrad NX 100 S from Johnson and Johnson, USA): These facilities are available in the theatre complex.
  • Digitized X-ray (Agfa CR25): One of the modern techniques used in radiology.


The Dialysis and Pathology Centre

best kidney hospital in IndiaMPUH’s previous centre has been recently shifted into a new building – the Vimalaben Jayaramdas Patel Dialysis and Pathology Centre—so as to provide all modern facilities in a better, more patient-friendly atmosphere within the same hospital campus. This new centre consists of 3 dedicated floors for Dialysis, 2 floors for Pathology, and 1 floor for Blood Bank. The centre will soon be operational fully and will be attended by an expert team of Nephrologists and Pathologists.

The Operation Theatres

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  • MPUH has 6 operating rooms out of which 4 are used for regular surgeries while 2 are used for the Renal Transplantations.
  • Operating Room # 1: Made by Karl Storz, Germany, it is used for Laparoscopy. It has a high-definition screen, and on-table connections which can be connected anywhere in the world through ISDN lines. It also has the facilities for live recording during the surgery.
  • Operating Room # 2: Also designed and made by Karl Storz especially for Endo Urology, where all surgeries pertaining to stone and endourology are done. This room is equipped with C arm, three chip camera, and recording & transmission facilities.
  • Operating Room # 3: This CORE (Complete Operation Room for Endourology) has been designed by Richard Wolf, Germany. All urological procedures such as Stone Surgery, Laparoscopy and other surgeries pertaining to urology can be performed here.
  • Operating Room # 4: All Open and Endoscopic surgeries can be performed here.
  • Operating Room # 5: This is the Renal Transplant theatre used especially for the Donor Nephrectomy. Laparoscopic procedures are also performed here.
  • Operating Room # 6: This is another Renal Transplant theatre where renal recipients are operated.

All the above theatres are connected to an auditorium with more than 100 seats, and are also equipped with international transmission facilities.


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All the rooms and wards in our hospital are well-equipped, clean, and attended by trained staff. Patient’s breakfast, lunch, evening refreshments, and bedtime milk are included in the room charges.

Following are the different categories of rooms available to our patients, depending on their needs and budget:

VIP Suite

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Its features are:

  • Total no. of suites: 1
  • 2-room suite
  • Equipped with modern furnishings and interiors
  • 2 air conditioners
  • 2 toilets with attached bathrooms that have modern sanitary fittings
  • A refrigerator
  • A Television with all channels
  • A Telephone
  • A special cardiac table for patient
  • Internet, e-mail, fax and other secretarial services can also be availed by our patrons

VIP Special Room

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Its features are:

  • Total No. of Rooms: 11
  • A spacious air-conditioned room with attached toilet and bathroom, cots & a cupboard for relative and patient
  • A television with all channels
  • A refrigerator
  • A telephone
  • Special cardiac table for the patient

Semi Special Room

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Its features are:

  • Total no. of rooms: 5
  • Total capacity: 10 patients
  • Each room is a partitioned large twin-sharing room
  • A toilet with attached bathroom
  • Air-conditioner
  • A television with all channels
  • Chairs and special cardiac table for the patient

General Ward

Its features are:

  • Total no. of beds : 77
  • The wards are clean, well-lighted and ventilated, and attended promptly by trained staff
  • The facilities of telephone, clean toilets & bathrooms are also available in the wards

Pediatric Ward

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Its features are:

  • Total no. of beds: 14
  • The wards are clean, well-lighted and ventilated, and attended promptly by trained staff
  • The facilities of telephone, clean toilets & bathrooms are also available in the wards

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Total no. of beds in the ICU are 6

The Kidney Transplant Ward

Total no. of beds in this ward are 12

The Library

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MPUH library was started in 1990 and is very well-equipped and centrally air-conditioned. Its assets include 4650 books/journals, which provide a wealth of knowledge to the institute’s doctors and students. Apart from medical books, the hospital has also extended its library facility to patients who request it. Patients’ library is maintained by the M.S.W department and all the books in this library have been received through donations.

The Cafeteria

CafeteriaThe hospital cafeteria is managed by a dedicated and homely staff, who serve the patients, their relatives, and hospital staff tasty, healthy and hygienic food every day. To maintain the quality and hygiene of food, the stocks are replenished every day, and utensils are cleaned in hot water and then autoclaved. Also, instead of handling by hand, various food handling devices such as dough making machine, chapatti furnace, trolleys etc. are used.
Special renal diet is also arranged for our patients as directed by the doctors and dieticians. Also if required, customized diets such as liquid, soft, salt free, sugar free, high/low protein, as well tube-feeding, etc. are made available.