Centre for Robotic Surgery – A dedicated Urology Centre in India

Centre for Robotic Surgery (CRS) is a dedicated urology centre in India that provides state-of-the-art medical facilities and surgical care in all aspects of urology. It’s a super specialty initiative set at Nadiad, Gujarat in India to serve patients with advanced technology. Urology is one of the most competitive areas for surgeons and India has made a significant mark in the eradication of urologic diseases. CRS stands in the second position amongst all urology hospitals in India that is completely devoted for providing treatment to patients suffering from any urological ailments.

Department of urology at CRS has a complete range of comprehensive facilities while managing the complex urological conditions of patients. The goal of CRS is to provide highest level of consistent patient care by using minimally invasive surgical techniques such as Da Vinci Si Robot. With this technique the surgical process is carried out with much precision, which was virtually unthinkable few years ago. Additionally there is screening, staging, and other up to date facilities that is able to locate any urologic disorder at kidney, bladder, and prostate and operate on it accordingly.

The advanced minimally invasive surgery at CRS has proved very advantageous for doctors and patients alike. It has been highly beneficial because there is less surgical complication as very small incision is done and the disease can be easily controlled. Besides the pain & scaring is relatively less, blood loss is very low, and the chances of infection are negligible, thus resulting in faster recovery for patients at comparatively less expense. The entire recuperation process post surgery has become less stressful.

CRS aims to bring world-class medical care within the reach of a common man with the help of technology. Over the years, it has been instrumental in providing clinical services for Urology & Nephrology. Further, the doctors at CRS have a rich global exposure and experience of taking care of patients of various backgrounds. The hospital has extraordinary outpatient services, including proper consultation for all treatment process. Be it nurse, paramedics, and managerial staff – everyone is adequately involved in patient care. We can say the CRS is pioneering its steps extensively to heal urological diseases.