Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital (MPUH)Centre for Robotic Surgery (CRS), Nadiad has organized a major International Seminar ‘American Urological Association (AUA) Segura International Urolithiasis Course during 21-23 February 2013. This was for the first time that the AUA Segura Course has conducted outside the USA in India at Nadiad Kidney Hospital. More than 450 faculties and delegates from about 20 countries have participated in the most prestigious programme on stone disease. The Seminar was inaugurated on 21st Feb by the Chairman of MPUH – CRS, Shri Rohit J Patel in the presence of ‘who-is-who’ in the field of kidney stone management from abroad and India. Some of the popular names participated in the conference including Prof. Glenn Preminger, AUA Representative; Dr John Denstedt, Treasurer of Endourological Society; Dr. Luc Valiquette, President-elect of SIU, Dr Meyappan, President of Urological Society of India; Prof. Dr. Andreas J Gross; Dr. Michael Wong; Dr. Mahesh Desai, Medical Director of MPUH & President, World Endourological Society and Dr R B Sabnis, Chairman, Dept of Urology Hospital, MPUH – CRS.

MPUH – CRS is ‘complete’ in all respects, in the treatment of stone disease, has done close to 26,000 procedures for removal of kidney stones by many methods, e.g. ESWL, Flexible Ureteroscopy, PCNL, Micro-perc, etc. MPUH – CRS has published 165 peer reviewed/indexed technical papers. It is in credit of these high standards and expertise on stone disease that the AUA permitted the authorization to MPUH – CRS to organize the AUA Segura International Urolithiasis Course at Nadiad. Dr Segura was a pioneer in the stone disease, and was a Founder-Member of World Endourology Society. In 2004, MPUH – CRS had hosted the World Congress on Endourology (WCE) in Mumbai when Dr Segura was elected the President of World Endourology Society. Right now Dr Mahesh Desai, the Medical Director of MPUH – CRS is the President of the Endourology Society.

India has more stone cases as compare to any other country. With the improvement in technology and new techniques in management of stone diseases, patients will be the ultimate beneficiaries. We are looking at treatment modalities that can remove stones without surgery. For the last ten years, not a single open stone surgery has been done at MPUH – CRS. MPUH –CRS has proposed to set up a Centre for Research in stone disease. Dr. Jens Rassweiler and his daughter Dr Marie Claire from Germany demonstrated for the first time outside Germany, a new technique ‘iPad guided renal access’ for clearance of stones. This technique may however take some more time for perfection.

This type of Conference offers great chances for the young and upcoming Urologists to learn from professionals in the field and explain themselves of the up-to-date developments in the field of urology. During the conference, more than 20 surgical procedures had being telecast LIVE from the operation theatres to the Conference venue for the benefit of delegates. The participants asked many questions directly to the operating surgeons to clear their doubts. They also have facilities for hands-on training on simulators and models in the JPAC labs. Many world renowned medical equipment manufacturers had set up their stalls at the Conference venue. The Conference was a grand success.

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