Jayaramdas Patel Academic Centre

Jayaramdas Patel Academic Centre (JPAC) was inaugurated on the 21st of January, 2007 and more than 2000 delegates have benefitted from various courses.

Dr. Mahesh Desai (MS, FRCS, and FRCS) is the director of JPAC.

This centre was established with the aim to bridge the gap between expected standards of Endourology and Laparoscopic Surgery, as well as existing facilities of training in the Indian subcontinent.

As Endourology and Laparoscopy have become a major part of the armamentarium for an urologist today and JPAC is committed to the availability of the latest teaching and training materials in the field of Endourology.

JPAC is associated with Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital and is situated in the same campus.

Various national and international faculties participate in this teaching and training program. The participation of Postgraduates is partly sponsored by INTAS Pharmaceuticals.

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To create a world class centre of academic excellence for Urology and Nephrology, a repository is created, where exchanging of medical information, data and knowledge will be imparted and shared. Focus on developing skills is a priority through instruction, discussions, and hands-on practical and proactive interaction, in order to alleviate pain and help one live life as it is meant to be.

To encourage and facilitate the setting up of similar knowledge centers across the globe to enhance the availability of medical expertise and facilities.


To attract world class urologist and nephrologists, around the globe to participate in JPAC programs in order to develop technique & skills and consequently make available the best of world medicine, locally, across the globe.