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MPUH Nadiad - the first hospital in Gujarat to offer Robotic-assisted Nepro-Urological surgeries

True to its leadership role in the field of nephro-urology in India, MPUH has installed the first da Vinci Si Robot at a cost of Rs.10 crores. As a not-for-profit Trust hospital, and in accordance with the tenets of the hospital, the aim of the hospital is to provide state-of-the-art WORLD CLASS CARE.

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Nadiad hospital first in Gujarat to go for Robotic surgery

Ahmedabad | Monday, Sep 27 2010 IST
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A world-class robotic surgery was successfully performed at the Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital (MPUH), in Nadiad for the first time in Gujarat.

The MPUH is the first hospital to acquire the state-of-the-art robotic surgical system. The robots will be used for surgeries on patients suffering from cancer of the kidneys, bladder and the prostate. Addressing mediapersons at Nadiad yesterday after the live 3D demonstration of the first Robotic surgery on a prostate cancer patient, Dr Mahesh Desai, Managing Trustee and Medical Director of MPUH said the advantages of the robotic system are immense. It gives the doctor superior visibility, accuracy, flexibility and reduces the blood loss considerably.

Even though Robotic Surgery is expected to be very costly, the cost factor will not be a hindrance to the patients who need it, even if they happen to be in the non-paying category, assured Dr Desai.

He said MPUH will ensure that the cost factor will not influence the advantages of the latest surgical procedures at the hospital. Of the other advantages of robotic surgery for patients, Dr Desai said, ''A robotic surgery is more precise than the laparoscopic surgery. It further minimises blood loss, surgical scars are almost eliminated, recovery of the patient is faster, while the hospitalisation period is also reduced. Further, the precision also ensures that the patient gets the same normal quality of life in terms of control over urine passage and even sexual life.'' Dr Mihir Desai from the University of Southern California carried out the first robotic surgery on Sunday, that was demonstrated live in 3D. He said they had been collaborating with MPUH for more than 10 years now. They will continue the co-operation in helping training doctors here in latest procedures and technology. A native and former student at MPUH, Dr Desai said it would be heartening to note that even in US, it is doctors of Indian origin, who are at the forefront of adopting the latest technology. Sharad Bapat, Director, Post Graduate studies, in his address said the biggest advantage is perhaps the comfort of the surgeon. In a robotic surgery, the surgeon even can relax a bit during the surgery. Further, the arms of the robot designed for surgery are almost like a human hand, they can act inside the organ just like the surgeon performing surgery, with better precision.
Dr Mohan Rajapurkar, head of the department of nephrology, MPUH, said with robotic surgery now available here in Gujarat, patients will benefit a lot at 1/10 of the cost that they would have to pay for it abroad.